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Lecture Lila Chitayat “spatial storytelling and how to play with time in space” 23.5.

Lila Chitayat – a multidisciplinary creator, architect, new-media artist and experimental designer in Israel and Germany – examines shifts occuring in the past decades: How do we rethink space and what are its affects on how we read spaces today?
Using our bodies, movement and multiple realities we can play with time, slow it down or open up gaps to experience spaces and tell stories through them. By the extensive use of new technologies, virtual worlds and multiple dimensions we can now shift out to non euclediean geometries, interactivity and non- linear storytelling, triggering us to be in a space, be the space and playfully experience it.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018,  20:00
TU Berlin Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum, Studio 484, Ackerstrasse 76, 13355 Berlin
Free entry, lecture held in English

Lila is a Senior Lecturer at the Design Faculty of H.I.T Holon Institute of Technology teaching on the Masters program and Interior Design departments. She is the Founder of LinC Studio: A trans-disciplinary design environment involving media and technology to produce a wide range of projects in urban installations, space design, exhibit design and digital architecture for virtual environments worldwide. Her projects include numerous museum exhibition designs, technology-based interactive installations, such as Taxilink (winner of PRIX Ars Electronica 2010), Ideal Virtual Jerusalem for MIC, sensing sound installation and urban interventions. She is currently based in Berlin on a sabbatical year and lives and works in Tel Aviv. Lila received her M.Arch from Columbia University and B.Arch from Pratt Institute and a b.Des at HIT.

© Fotos: Lila Chitayat, Dor Kedmi, Eitan Vitkon

Lecture: Interactive media in performance

Mark Coniglio – Media artist, composer and programmer Mark Coniglio is widely considered to be a pioneering force in the exploration of dance and interactive media. Beginning with Troika Ranch, the media intensive dance company he co-founded with Dawn Stoppiello, and later as the creator of the media software Isadora, he has spent nearly three decades enmeshed in the relationship of movement, media, and computing.

Coniglio’s early dance and technology work – where sensory systems, responsive media software and live performers combined to produce an interactive “reflection” of the body – has evolved into an approach where technology actively intervened in the creation, rehearsal and performance of movement. After reflecting on his past work, he will propose future interventions where artificial intelligence will be placed into conflict with human bodily knowledge, to provoke the invention of new movement, unforeseen structures, and compelling relationships between the body, media and the stage.

The lecture is hold in english.

Tuesday 17th april 2018,  7pm
TU Berlin Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum, Studio 484, Ackerstrasse 76, 13355 Berlin
free entrance


© photo: Mark Coniglio, A.T.Schaefer



We cordially invite you to our OPEN DAY at our postgraduate course Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum:

Friday, 16th february 2018
5 to 8 pm, free admission
at the course’s studios (studio 484)  – Ackerstraße  76, 13355 Berlin (courtyard 3, staircase H, 4th floor)

The OPEN DAY offers all students interested in the postgraduate course insight into the master programme’s profile and application process. Attend an introductory lecture by our leadership, see project presentations and pitches or get directly in touch with our tutors and mentors as well as with students and alumni. There will be the possibility of an consultation appointment for applications for upcoming winter term.

You can find further information on the postgraduate course or application process on our website.

Please contact Salka Schulz, tel. 0049-30-31472174, at our head office for questions regarding the application process or any other concerns.

Dialog Extrem

Dialog Extrem is an unconvetional kind of discussion. 40 experts sit at 40 tables and want to chat – with you! This year about refugees and our coexistence with them in the urban space.
Meanwhile, the visitors can decide in what way they want to participate in the dialogue: either by joining one of the 40 expert’s tables for a confidental chat in person or by listening to the braodcasted talks through eight different audio-channels.

Our students Mona Hartmann, Michaela Kirsche, Devin Martini, Susanne Quehenberger, Lana Ramsay and Susanne Wilk participate in the development of a space for the dialogue on urban living in the context of migration.

Date: 26th april 2016,
Time: doors 6 pm, event 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Place: Strasse des 17. Juni 135, Berlin. Lichthof (atrium) of Technical University Berlin, main building.
Entry: free admission
Further information at the Dialog Extrem-website and in the last year’s audio-archive.

Supervised by Prof. Kerstin Laube, in cooperation with the faculty of Urban Planning and Development, Prof. Jörg Stollmann/Johannes Dumpe and students of architecture, urban plannning and sociology.

Lecture Steffi Wurster: “Perspektiven im Spiel”

Lecture Steffi Wurster: “Perspektiven im Spiel”

We cordially invite you to the lecture:

“Perspectives of the play” (“Perspektiven des Spiels”, lecture held in German)
Steffi Wurster, stage designer and film maker

Tuesday, january 5th 2016, 7 pm 
Studio 484 at the ateliers of Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum
Ackerstrasse 76, 13355 Berlin, 4th floor on the left
free entry

In her lecture Steffi Wurster evaluates the impact of the viewer’s perspective during a staged incident: how do distances, fields of visions and one’s own position of perceiption in the spatial setting affect our experience? On the basis of selected examples of stage design it is traced how the interaction of stage and auditorium is influencing the attention and contributes to the storytelling.

Steffi Wurster is a stage designer and film maker. Aside from works in the field of stage design and scenography she also realizes projects and videos with and interdisciplinary approach. Since the winter term 2015/15 she is teaching at Studiengang Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum at Technical University Berlin.

(c) photo credit: “reicht es nicht zu sagen ich will leben“, directed by Nora Schlocker, coproduction with Nationaltheater Weimar/Centraltheater Leipzig 2011, Mülheimer Theatertage 2012, photo by Steffi Wurster

Seminar on Spacial Theory

Seminar on Spacial Theory

In this seminar we will critically assess our current understanding of space in accordance with relevant theoretical core texts, research and publications and in relation to recent realisations. Our aim is to give students and guests an overview of existing theories, to help put them in context and encourage debate. The seminar can be seen as an introduction to the scientific work methods required throughout the degree course. Students are invited to regard their own approaches in a theoretic context and decide which concepts are relevant to their own work.

Guests are welcome!

Tutor: Prof. Albert Lang 

4 Dates:
14th January 2016, 2pm
21th January 2016, 2pm
4th February 2016, 10am

Place: Masterstudiengang Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum, Ackerstrasse 76, 13355 Berlin, Room ACK 478.

Sign up for the course at the office: Salka Schulz

Participation is free of charge.
Seminar can be taken as an optional course (3 CP).
Tailored towards architecture students.

Foto: David Roth, Decoding DNA, 2014

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