Magic City retail design

With the help of tutor Tobias Kunz (who is also in charge of the overall exhibition design) our students pitched retail concepts for the shop of Magic City. The exhibition will be showcasing a cross-section of art in urban and public space. Over 30 street artists, urban artists, illusion and anamorphic artists come together to create a “magic city” in Dresden, Germany.
The briefing requested an interior design idea (retail area, tables, displays, counter) as well as a spatial system, audiovisual media production and the lighting design.

Dorota Karolczak’s concept got selected and will be developed in cooperation with our partner SC Exhibitions. Magic City opens on October 1st, 2016 and travels to Munich in 2017.

exhibition opening: 1st october 2016, Zeitenströmung in Dresden, Germany
touring exhibition: 1st october 2016 – 8th january 2017 in Dresden, from april 2017 in Munich
website: Magic City

cooperation partner: SC Exhibitions
tutor: Tobias Kunz
guest critics:
Christoph Scholz, David de Zwaan, Carsten Cielobatzki, Franziska Ritter
students who pitched: Greta Bolzoni, Nadja Driller, Gabrielle-Marie Renard, Paula Trimbur
selected concept: Dorota Karolczak

(c) photos: Dorota Karolczak, Salka Schulz, Magic City

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