Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum is a two-year post-graduate course at the TU Berlin aimed at a „master of arts“ degree. This two-fold approach coupled with a highly practice-oriented approach makes this course unique in German-speaking countries.
Our postgraduate course merges two areas of spacial composition by exploring designs for the stage (theatre, opera, dance) as well as for spaces such as exhibitions, events and performance. Based on our understanding of space, we focus on spacial compositions with a theatrical, urban and atmospheric context. Our goal is to teach the strategies of dramaturgic spacial composition on a theoretical and practical level, thereby giving students skills they can subsequently employ with artistic vigour, consequence and efficiency in their chosen field. The course specifically encourages the development and realization of experimental work aimed at exploring new possibilities of spacial composition.

Each year 18-20 freshmen join our degree course making an overall total of approx. 42 students. Our course sees many international students from diverse cultural backgrounds forming creative synergies through interdisciplinary work. Currently we have students from 16 nations, among them Italy, Greece, Russia, Taiwan, the USA, Puerto Rico and many more. The average age is 28 (ranging from 23-40 years). Previous professional experience varies from applicant to applicant.
Our teaching staff of over 30 professionals from various fields offers a diverse range of subjects, bringing knowledge and insight from careers as set designers, (video-) artists, architects, curators, technical directors, theatre theorists, dramaturges, directors, costume designers and many more.

Our spacious, light, ceiling high studios are situated in the 1000sqm lofts of the AEGs former redbrick factory in Berlin-Mitte. The space is open to all faculties. Each student is allocated a private, fully accessible studio within the space. Additionally students have access to a large multi-functional studio, libraries, seminar rooms, a small kitchen and the “Mensa” (canteen) run by the “Studentenwerk” (student services).

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Ackerstrasse 76, 13355 Berlin, Courtyard 3, Stairwell H, 4th Floor, 476-484
Public transport: U8 Voltastrasse, S1 Nordbahnhof, Bus 247 Gartenplatz

One significant feature of our Masters degree course is our continuous cooperation with external partners. Realisation competitions, collaborations with professional productions, commissioned Masters projects and creative workshops assure a highly practice-oriented education. Work experience at theatres, museums or in agencies as well a student-organised Masters show reinforce the practical elements of the course. Theoretical research components are enhanced by working closely with select German universities: (HfM Hanns Eisler, HZT Hochschulzentrum Tanz, HfS Ernst-Busch, UDK Sound Studies, Beuth Hochschule a.o.).

Our Partners:

Moreover, there is a well-maintained network of almost 300 graduates and lecturers. The course actively participates in several associations and professional organizations such as VerA, Bund der SzenografenLAFTEIS (Europäische Initiative Szenografie)DTHG (Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft), Deutscher Bühnenverein, Gesellschaft von Freunden der TU Berlin e.V.

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