WACHSEN – graduate show 2016

WACHSEN – graduate show 2016

wachsen – German for: to grow, to develop, to prosper

For two years, our students have been growing with their projects, successes and attempts. Today, we warmly invite you to our annual Master’s exhibition which will showcase 22 graduation projects ranging from costume and stage designs for T. Williams’ Orpheus Descending, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Puccini’s opera Turandot to exhibition designs on the work of inventor Konrad Zuse. The exhibition will also feature scenographic concepts for collaborative exhibition Emanuel Goldberg – Architect of Knowledge and free projects developed at the Interdisziplinäres Raumlabor.

Opening: friday, 15th july 2016, 7 pm – open end
Exhibition: saturday, 16th july 2016, 1 – 6 pm, free entry

Adress: Ackerstrasse 76, 13355 Berlin, Courtyard 3, Stairwell H, 4th Floor
For the opening reception Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Heiß, 2nd vice president of TU Berlin and Prof. Kerstin Laube, Head of Department will be speaking.

Students: Ev-Simone Benzing, Luis-Antonio Blanco, Elena Bulochnikova, Julia Casabona, Kenneth Chinea, Daniel Daoudi, Claudia Gali, Katarína Holková, Cheng-Yu Hsieh, Ji-Hyun Soh, Miranda Kahlert, Elizabeth Kelly, Maria Kowalsky, Anne Lewald, Lena Mody, Shahed Naji, Judith Noack, Andrea Pérez Fu, Malte Schurau, Cristina Suárez, Cristina Todorova und Natalie Wild

Mentors: Prof. Kerstin Laube, Prof. Frank Hänig und Stefan Wiel (stage and costume), Prof. Albert Lang (Interdisziplinäres Raumlabor), Charlotte Tamschick (scenography)

Exhibition’s coordination: Miriam Schmidtke

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(c) image: Claudia Gali with Betty Kelly and Anne Lewald


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