Exhibition: “uni-form?“

An exclusive insight to the four finalist’s concepts of the exhibition design for “uni-form?” comissioned by our partner Haus der Brandenburgisch-Preußischen Geschichte (HBPG) Potsdam, which is going to be presented to general public from 15th april to 24th july 2016. The exhibition space of 300 sqm is dedicated to the variable present and past of production of textile, uniforms and apparel as well as its ongoing quest for the perfect fit.

Under the guidance of Prof. Albert Lang and within the scope of the Interdisziplinäres Raumlabor our students Elena Bulochnikova, Julia Casabona, Dorota Karolczak, Elizabeth Kelly, Judith Noack, Andrea Perez Fu, Franziska Waldemer and Natalie Wild developed their proposals. In the end, intense presentations meant a challenging decision-making for the jury – but we can disclose that a made-to-measure solution to that pitch is on it’s way…

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