Architektur der 80er Jahre – Begreifbar für Alle

Architektur der 80er Jahre – Begreifbar für Alle

Model building seminar for TU students of architecture and spatial studies.
On the occasion of the exhibition “Architecture of the 80s” in the Berlinische Galerie (autumn 2020), models and objects in the sense of “Design for all” are to be developed and implemented in a 2-week seminar.

The objects are intended to make the formal language and design principles of the architecture of the 80s accessible to visitors in a didactic and playful way.

Period: expected from 22nd June – 3rd Juli 2020, daily 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Tutors: Annette Müller & Robert Niemann
Registration deadline: till 13.02.2020 by e-mail to:
Credits: Optional subject: model construction 6 ECTS
Location: TU Berlin (at the course of studies Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum), Ackerstrasse 76, 13355 Berlin, Germany

The model as a means of communication
Modell+Design offers students the opportunity to deal in-depth with model design and its implementation. Ideas become visible on the basis of models: design and craftsmanship, theory and practice are worked on together. The models take up a clear creative position and communicate what has been thought of both within and outside the discipline. Questions about abstraction, reduction, materiality, materiality, construction and technical implementation are always answered on the model.

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