Bauhausfeste Dessau

In cooperation with Prof. Ingo Reulecke (HZT M.A. Choreography) and Prof. Astrid Griesbach (HfS Berlin Department of Contemporary Puppetry)
For the Bauhaus Festival 2018 “Gelb gewinkelt”, the students conceived scenographic play spaces, installations, and performances on the annual theme “STANDARD”.
As an interdisciplinary cooperation project with the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, synergies were also exchanged with the Architecture and Urban Design courses at the TU Berlin, the Contemporary Puppetry course at the HfS Ernst Busch Berlin and the Choreography course at the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT). In interdisciplinary teams, eight projects were developed and realized on material, space and body and in an exploration of the theme of standard.

Substance! 2017
The Bauhaus Festival 2017 “Colourful! Material, Illusion” brings the colorfulness of things into focus on its 20th anniversary. Illuminated, set in motion, and made actors, they unfold architecture becomes audible, material danceable, walls permeable, man becomes material. In interdisciplinary teams, stage design students together with choreography students at the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin and artists of the Initiative Neuer Zirkus e.V. have staged performances, installations, and play spaces on the annual theme “SUBSTANCE” of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation and reinterpreted the experiments of the historic Bauhaus stage.