Die vier Himmelsrichtungen

Four people meet seemingly by chance. A man from the north has an accident with his truck and loses a whole load of modelling balloons in the ditch. A second, coming from the south, hopes for a better future with them. Both fall in love with the same woman, a waitress with curls like snake hair, carried to them by the wind from the west. All at once, fate has inextricably linked their lives. One of them will no longer be alive at the end of the day. But only Madame Oiseau, the fortune teller who once came with snow and ice from the East, knows that.
Roland Schimmelpfennig interweaves the longings and fears of his characters like a jigsaw puzzle, lets them collide in gyrating monologues and unfolds a poetic maelstrom that aims at essential themes and questions of our time.

Under the direction of Norman Heinrich, the students each worked competitively on stage and costume. The concepts of Marco Michele and Amina Nouns were selected for realization.