Ongoing realization project

In an interdisciplinary project, natural and structural requirements for rainwater management are developed as art in construction. The conscious linking of natural, technical, design and artistic perspectives and disciplines will take place using the example of a sustainable exhibition pavilion that will be built on the Charlottenburg campus over the next two years. Sculptures, installations, interactions, objects, models and/or performances link atmospheric, individual and democratic issues and are intended to enable a broad public to understand the everyday and local dimensions of climatic and structural change and to initiate participation. The integration and discussion of planetary and social dimensions are an integral part of the creative examination of the location, technological requirements and climatic necessities. The results are presented in the form of visualizations, models, mock-ups and/or moving images and demonstrate how art in architecture can be further developed and rethought beyond its original purpose. In a jointly conceived exhibition in the UNI_VERSUM, an exhibition space in the main building of the TU, the works will finally be shown and put up for discussion.