The Shape of Things

“The Shape of Things”, a play by Neil LaBute, was developed as a realization project in cooperation with the Theatre Chemnitz. Under the direction of Norman Heinrich and Frank Hänig, the students developed various designs for stage and costume.

Adam, an English student, works as a supervisor in a museum, where he tries to prevent the art student Evelyn from spraying a penis on the fig leaf of a naked male statue that has been retrofitted. For Evelyn, this is a protest censorship; for Adam, it is simply a violation of the rules. Nevertheless, the opposing figures become a couple. Evelyn confidently transforms the awkwardly shy Adam and turns his life upside down. His two best friends, Jenny and Philip, watch Adam’s metamorphosis with amusement. They don’t yet suspect that they too are trapped in this fateful relationship. “An abysmal satire that explores how far people are willing to go to realize their visions.” (The Independent)