Zwischen den Dingen sind wir sicher

Play by Laura Naumann, ongoing realization project

In “Zwischen den Dingen sind wir sicher”, the young author Laura Naumann presents an apocalyptic situation reminiscent of Aleppo and many other places in the world where the front lines in the civil wars can no longer be distinguished. Apart from Alicja and her brothers Bandito and Techno, there are only a few people left in the ruined remains of the city. For the siblings, however, a destroyed home is better than none at all. None of them want to leave their parental home, none of them want to start a new life.

An entire world after the world is sketched out in an atmospherically dense, oppressive and haunting way, capturing the essence of current conditions in order to radically rethink them. But even more so, Naumann develops a dynamic psychodrama in which Alicja tries to free herself from her trauma in her encounter with Rascasse, who is one of the “enemies” trying to control the deserted environment.

At the final presentation of the projects, a stage space and a costume design will be selected for realization.