Filling the void

How to deal with the empty space was the key issue in this winter term’s scenography assignment with tutor Charlotte Tamschick. Eleven students of the first semester were assigned in teams to develop spatial strategies, models and texts for the briefing ‘Filling the void’ in correspondance to three different topics of either ‘object and light’, ‘object and moving images’ or ‘sound and light’. They were asked to evaluate different scenographic tools to find out how to transform and how to fill a space.

Participating students:  Paulina Barreiro, Jakob Blazejczak, Anne-Laure de la Fuente, Anja  Dietz, Nadja Sofie Eller, Mona Glaß, Maike Häber, Lukas Kesler, Takaya Kobayashi, Janina Sieber, Victor Treushchenko-Bernhardt

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