Lecture: Form Follows Fiction – Stefan Nowak 11th december

Lecture: Form Follows Fiction – Stefan Nowak 11th december

Stefan Nowak (scenographer, project manager)

The variety of forms of everyday life today’s products, whether electric kettles, cars or houses, brims above all by arbitrariness. Everything seems possible! The change from the commodity to the consumer product is also in the linguistic usage – The kettle is still cooking, the car drives and the house is habitable, but the lush shape or the cost-optimized floor plan have nothing to do with the actual function, the external context or the user’s ideas to do. Occasionally, every everyday object required an interface, a button, a lever whose operation generates feedback from the user in order to “understand” the function and the object in the truest sense of the word. Now the products themselves become a fiction: nude black, white or silver boxes respond on demand or are controlled centrally and from any distance by a small luminous box. The lecture by Stefan Nowak sheds light on these developments and asks questions about our handling of products, about past design concepts and ideologies and the connections between functionalism and fiction, design and dogma. In the ongoing seminar of the same name in the master’s program, the topic will be deepened and presented to the public in a studio exhibition.

Date: 11.12.2018 at 7 pm (free entry)
Location: TU Berlin, studio 484, Masterstudiengang Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum, Ackerstrasse 76, 13355 Berlin
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Stefan Nowak studied perfumery and food technology in London and Lemgo. Afterwards he studied Communications Design at the Hochschule Darmstadt with Christof Gassner and Peter Kornatzki and at the Fachhochschule Düsseldorf with Klaus Hesse und Uwe Loesch. Together with Petra Knyrim is Stefan Nowak since 1994 managing director of the design office nowakteufelknyrim (NTK) an office for communication and exhibition design/scenography in Düsseldorf. nowakteufelknyrim stands out for the permanent exhibtion in the Money Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank Frankfurt, for the Museum of the bathing culture in Zülpich. They also redesigned the photography and film department at Deutsche Museum and are responsible for innovative controlling – and orientation systems for the city Düsseldorf and the library of  the University of Münster. Since 1996 is Stefan Nowak teaching Information design and Scenography at different Universities such as the Universität Wuppertal and the Hochschule Hildesheim (2016). Stefan Nowak especially has become known by workshops and publications on the subject orientation and communication in space.

© Installation “Truck” by Erwin Wurm, 2015

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