Miss Julie

Cooperation with the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts, Directing Department

Prof. Kerstin Laube (TU), Prof. Egill Pálsson (HfS EB), Prof. Louise Beck (Copenhagen)

In the context of a 4-week intensive workshop, students of the 2nd semester and directing students of the HfS Ernst Busch developed associations, approaches and contemporary concepts to August Strindberg’s play “Fräulein Julie” through visual research and examination of the text by means of “action analysis”(Maria Knebel).
By exploring an associative context and approaching the core of the play through 5 key situations, very different approaches were developed as “experiments”, performances and multimedia installations.

Students TU:
Marie Akoury, Maria Guerrero, Christopher Krause, Nikolai Kuchin, Tina Hübner, Hannah Schmidt, Yue Ying

Students HfS:
Ivar Furre Aam, Sophie Bischoff, Rabee Hanani, Lily Kuhlmann, Max Radestock, Naemi Simon, Basil Zecchinel

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