I land / Island – Master’s exhibition 2017

We warmly invite you to our annual Master’s exhibition!
An archipelago of creative projects. Visionary worlds adrift in a roiling ocean of cardboard and crepe.

The postgraduate course Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum at the Technical University of Berlin combines two different modes of thinking about dramaturgical space design. Students explore both stage design for plays, musical theater, and dance, as well as scenographic space design for exhibitions, installations, events, and performance. Throughout this two-year course, 19 students have been hard at work on a colorful array of artistic and practical projects.

Ahoy, land ho!

Opening: friday, 14th july 2017, 7 pm – open end
Exhibition: saturday, 15th july 2017, 1 – 6 pm, free entry
Adress: Ackerstrasse 76, 13355 Berlin, Hof 3, Treppe H, 4. Etage
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There are exhibitions of the following projects:
“Der Spieler” by F. J. Dostojewski, stage- and costumedesign (mentorship Prof. Kerstin Laube)
“Urfaust” by Johann Wolfgang Goethe, stage- and costumedesign (mentorship Prof.Frank Hänig)
“Il mondo della luna”, opera by Joseph Haydn, stage- and costumedesign (mentorship Stefan Wiel)
“Komme was Wolle”, medial scenography for “Museum für europäische Kultur” Berlin (mentorship Johann Jörg)
„Bauhausfest 2017″, installative scenography at Bauhaus Dessau (mentorship Claudia Rohner)
“Interdisziplinäres Raumlabor”, free works (mentorship Prof. Albert Lang)

Students: Diana Aldana Páez, Greta Bolzoni, Nadja Driller, Carolina Maria Duarte, Mona Marie Hartmann, Ayfer Ezgi Karatas, Dorota Karolczak, Michaela Kirsche, Devin Martini, Eleonora Pedretti, Susanne Quehenberger, Lana Ramsay, Gabrielle-Marie Renard, Philipp Richter, Margaret Schlenkrich, Eric Schumacher, Paula Trimbur, Franziska Waldemer, Susanne Wilk

Exhibition coordination: Miriam Schmidtke

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