Lecture 17th April: Interfaces – Exhibition direction in the curatorial work

If one takes exhibitions seriously as independent media, it becomes clear that with each exhibition something unmistakably new emerges from the actors involved – from concepts, objects/collections, texts, spaces, sounds, installations, persons, etc. – something unmistakably new. Exhibitions show something that cannot become visible in any other way, i.e. that is owed to the specific logic of precisely this medium. What kind of logic is this and what are the challenges to curatorial and scenographic work against this background?

The thesis is that the concept of exhibitions as independent media (which is quite new) cannot do without the concept of directing, which creates relationships between the highly diverse participants, mediates between their claims to representation, explores possibilities of translation between the concept of content and science and aesthetic and spatial designs, and makes certain settings in the sense of an overall direction. The lecture revolves around the concept of exhibition direction using examples and presents the interface between curatorial and scenographic practices for discussion.

Lecture: Prof. Nicola Lepp

Wednesday, 17th April 2019 7pm
Location: TU Berlin, Studio 484, Masterstudiengang Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum, Ackerstraße 76, 13355 Berlin, Germany
free entrance
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Nicola Lepp is a cultural scientist and exhibition organizer. Since 2015 she has been Professor of Culture and Communication at Potsdam University of Applied Sciences.

Exhibitions include GRIMMWELT, Kassel 2015; Museum der Gefäße Humboldt Lab Dahlem, Berlin 2013; PSYCHOanalyse. Sigmund Freud zum 150. Geburtstag, 2006; Der Neue Mensch. Obsessionen des 20. Jahrhunderts, 1999.

Photo © Jan Bitter

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