Development of ideas and concepts. A cooperation with the presidium of the TU Berlin.

Period: 4 March – 15 March 2019, daily 10 am – 6 pm
Lecturers: Dipl.-Ing. Annette Müller, Dipl.-Ing. Robert Niemann with Prof. Loidl-Reisch
Registration deadline: 18 February 2019, by e-mail to:
Study courses: preferably architecture, landscape architecture
Credits: Elective, 6 ECTS
Location: TU Berlin (at the course of studies Stage Design_Scenic Space), Ackerstrasse 76, 13355 Berlin, Germany

The model as a means of communication
Modell+Design offers students the opportunity to deal in depth with model design and implementation. Ideas become visible on the basis of models: design and craftsmanship, theory and practice are worked on together. The models take up a clear creative position and communicate what has been thought of both within and outside the discipline. Questions about abstraction, reduction, materiality, materiality, construction and technical implementation are always answered on the model.

The topic
In the coming years, the TU Berlin will have the means at its disposal to restructure the campus behind the main building. The following sub-areas are to be taken into account:

  • Realisation of the second section of Hertzallee
  • Construction of a museum pavilion for temporary exhibitions and for the Mineralogical Collection, one of the 5th largest and most important mineralogical collections in Germany.
  • Development of tourist knowledge paths to open the campus for regional, national and international visitor

During this compact seminar, students of architecture and landscape architecture will jointly develop various design scenarios, which will be made available as a basis for discussion for further planning. The aim is to develop design ideas that integrate the subprojects Hertzallee, Museum Pavilion and Knowledge Paths conceptually, thematically and creatively into a coherent overall concept. The students present their concepts in the form of models. Depending on the concept, models of the entire working area or detailed models can be created. The three-dimensional results of this model building seminar will make a fundamental contribution to concept development.

Download: Seminar announcement MUSEUMS-PAVILLON + WISSENSPFADE 04.03-15.03.2019

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