Azael Holtz

I am Azael. Ever since I can remember, I have enjoyed putting existing things together to make new things. My favorite subjects at school were art, music, German, philosophy and chemistry. In class I usually drew or read.

I was a singer* of the Staats- und Domchor zu Berlin for 8 years and had piano lessons for 10 years (and since I don’t have to practice for both anymore, I do it much more often and like it more). Since 2016 I’ve been writing music for my band “noEyes”, with whom I released the debut album “Think of” in 2023.

I studied architecture in my bachelor’s degree because I was very attracted to the interdisciplinary field of tension between design, social sciences and planning and engineering. I am particularly interested in the design of public and semi-public spaces as infrastructures that build democracy and encourage participation. The master’s program in Stage Design/Scenic Space is the perfect complement to this for me, as it is (for me at least) literally more about “play” space and social research in the artistic-expressive.

For me, pigeonholing is bulky waste. I am always willing to question existing concepts and develop new, more efficient, more beautiful and more meaningful ones.