Camille Teresita Daur

Camille Teresita Daur, born in Reutlingen in 1995, studied architecture and urban planning at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences and the Politecnico di Milano.

Due to study-internal workshops at the Biennale Architettura 2016 in Venice on the topic of “Reporting from the Front”, a great interest in interior design and the design of spaces developed, which could be developed in courses on “Interior Spatial Design” at the Politecnico di Milano. Her great interest in interdisciplinary training in the field of scenography and stage design and artistic perception of the environment was already evident in various practical experiences in architectural offices, in furniture design and at the Deutsche Oper.

Her previous artistic projects and academic achievements show a conceptual and clear approach as well as a deepening of details. In photography she is especially interested in structures, light and shadow and the intensity of color.

During her bachelor studies in Potsdam, as well as in the following year, Camille worked in the field of design, conception and planning in existing buildings. Camille has been volunteering for students in Tanzania, currently in Berlin and is also active in Coswig in the association “Teresa Carreno und Eugen d`Albert Gesellschaft Coswig e.V.”.