Celina Gebhard de Zavala

Celina Gebhard de Zavalais a young artist who grew up in Madrid and Freiburg. She developed her love for art and art-making at a very early age. To broaden her horizons, she decided to study Cultural and Social Anthropology at the University of Vienna. During her studies in Vienna, she strengthened her interest in socially relevant issues and social action.

In the artistic field, she discovered her very own way of expressing herself. She also took courses in art history and architecture, and often spent her free time attending cultural events. At the Weltmuseum Wien, she got to know the organizational work behind the scenes and quickly understood how exhibitions as well as theater can reach many people. For her, the craftsmanship and artistic work behind scenic spaces and stage designs combined with the message that is conveyed is a wonderful mixture. This combination is what motivates her to study Bühnenbild_szenischer Raum.