Danijela Matovic

Danijela Matovic is an independent artist and set designer. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Scenic Architecture, Technology and Design from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, Serbia. She then completed a Master of Arts degree at the same university with her performative spatial installation “Room 0 – Ambient as Temple”. Danijela’s work deals with the complex relationship between the individual and contemporary society where she questions the possibility of forming a new space of collective consciousness and identity through the work.

As an independent artist, Danijela actively participated in ten group exhibitions in Novi Sad and Belgrade and also organized her own exhibitions “Space of Reflection” and “Dystopia 1:0”. In her interdisciplinary practice, she devotes herself to performance art, video art and the design of performative, interactive installations to research the boundaries of scenic designs.

As a set designer Danijela has collaborated with international theater productions. She was involved in the theater piece “Remote X” by Rimini Protokoll (DE), which was staged at the Bitef Festival. She also contributed to the Biennale of Scenography with her spatial installation “Tape”, created in collaboration with Numen For Use (CRO), and to the theater production “The Gospel According to F.M. Dostoyevsky” with Branko Hojnik (SLO).

At the Youth Biennial in Belgrade, Danijela exhibited her immersive spatial installation “Dystopia 1:0”, which captivated the audience with its thought-provoking contemporary themes. She also received recognition for excellence in scenic design for her interactive spatial installation “Space of Reflection” at the Biennale of Scenic Design.