Deborah Nowraty

I’ve always been fascinated by the design of space – creating a place for humans to meet and discuss, momentarily taking them out of reality, affecting their line of sight and their own movement, and engaging all their senses and emotions.

During my architecture studies at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences I gained knowledge and skills in technical, scientific and design disciplines and developed an understanding of social, ecological and economic relationships. In my drafts, it was important to minimize the land use of a construction project, to critically question the demolition of existing buildings, to construct them in a circular manner and to create a sustainable living space for an open society. I deepened this by working in an architectural office which specializes in sustainable building, monument preservation and building redevelopment.

My part-time job in a carpentry workshop taught me manual skills and the fundamentals of construction systems, enabling me to shape spaces independently and design unique interiors. Since earning my bachelor’s degree in July 2022, I have applied my skills in the film industry, contributing to projects in the art department as a production designer. Here, my passion for art and design finds its full expression as I work with my own graphics, paintings, and photographs. The surfaces, textures, and effects of various materials within spatial contexts fascinate me, prompting me to place great emphasis on details.

By purposefully employing materials, objects, and carefully chosen color schemes, I tell stories and let spaces speak for themselves. For me, the cultural sector is also a place that I want to design sustainably and resource-efficiently, and I look forward to providing a stage for my visions with this commitment.