Emma Planckaert

Emma Planckaert was born in Belgium in 2000 and pursued her studies in interior architecture at Sint-Lucas in Ghent.

During her academic journey, she embarked on an internship with artist Arne Quinze. This opportunity revealed to her that the field was so much more than she initially thought. She gradually discovered the role she wanted to play and the kind of designer she aspired to be, understanding how design could facilitate beautiful collaborations or intersections with other art forms.

Her path and direction became even clearer after participating in the scenography workshop at Horst Arts & Music Festival. Completely enamored by the festival and its concept, she has now become a part of the Horst family, little by little.

With a passion for music, design, and bringing people together, she endeavors to leave an impact through temporary structures, enhancing and directing the experience and engagement while leaving a lasting impression.