Feline Wegener

Feline Wegener, born in 30.09.1994 in Berlin. „The truth is the child of time, not of authority.“ (Bertolt Brecht)

I grew up in Berlin and Brandenburg, with a balanced mix of the advantages of the city and the beauty of the nature. After graduating from high school, I moved to Rostock for my first studies in business law. But after two years I decided to move on to a more creative field, communication design and a new city, Hamburg. My studies taught me the basics of design. It gave me the opportunity to develop my interest for graphic design, copywriting, interior design and photography into skills, to work project based and create witty and smart messages.

I got my passion for photography during my semester abroad in Israel, while I was enrolled for one semester in the course of studies „Photography and Film“. Self-taught I was able to acquire knowledge of video editing during a subsequent internship and reproduce it in a project. Video editing is still part of my work today and a promising tool in the digital age.

Fascinated by the medium of space as a means of communication, I investigated the effects of spatial design in my bachelor thesis. I developed a concept and an exhibition on the subject of the environment and the problem of dealing with plastic – since completing my bachelor‘s degree I have been working with two Berlin collectives on implementing the concept in different ways. In August 2019 the first KUNSTSTOFF project was exhibited at the Wilde Möhre festival.