Hannah Grimme

Hannah works as a stage designer and an artistic director.

With an explicit focus on the interaction of sound, light, and surface, she creates immersive spatial experiences in theaters and exhibition spaces. Her formal language spans from spatial monumentality to the minimal use of materials and lines.

Starting with gallery work, Hannah has both assisted in various productions in the field of visual arts and realized them herself in the role of an artistic director. During her studies in cultural work, her endeavors expanded in the direction of interdisciplinary as well as cross-disciplinary cultural and exhibition projects. The elaboration of concepts led her to repeatedly encounter the relevance of spatiality in performative discourses. Most recently, the realization of the acousmatic-performative project “Durch|Glas,” which took place in Berlin in April 2022 with the support of the Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V., clarified her love not only for the theoretical but also the physical design of cultural projects, motivating her to delve into aesthetic-spatial work.