Kristel Khan

Kristel Khan was born on January 31st in 1994 in Guayaquil. She was raised in Germany and studied Media and Communication Design in Hamburg. In 2018 she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. During her studies Kristel realized, that the was most interested in the craft aspect of her studies and in mixing up different media types. Kristel made her first experiences in theater during an internship in the stage and costume department. That was for a play of Maxim Billers book „Sechs Koffer“, which premiered in 2019 at the Thalia in Hamburg. That was followed by an internship at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin for „Jedermann (stirbt)“. For „Throphe“ Kristel created an two meter long phallus and also created the stage design. Kristel was assistant costume designer fort he short movie „Sugarboys“, where she was also in charge of the props. Kristel loves to create illustrations and doing pottery.