Lena Mehner

Lena Mehner grew up in Leipzig. Until the beginning of her master studies at the TU, she lived and worked at Lake Constance and in Leipzig as a curatorial assistant and exhibition organizer. She found her interest in spatial concepts during her BA studies in Cultural Studies at Zeppelin University. There she expanded her creative perspective to include socio-cultural and socio-political aspects. During this time, she gained experience in event and communication agencies, in architectural offices and as a cicerone in museums – but also in the production of cultural festivals and the conception of educational and artistic formats.

Her final thesis was a first contribution to the DFG project “Photography as an Instrument, Method and Form of Knowledge of Sociological Research at Pierre Bourdieu” and dealt for the first time with the entire photo archive of the social critic. The Bachelor of Arts was awarded to Lena with an honorable mention by Prof. Dr. Franz Schultheis.

At the evening academy of the HGB Leipzig she pursues her own artistic production of spatial installations and documentary photographs. She intends to dedicate her studies of staging to the visual communication of knowledge in a transcultural manner.