Lina Staudinger

Lina Staudinger, born in 1998 in Göppingen, received her bachelor’s degree in architecture at the University of Stuttgart. 

Throughout her studies, Lina uses her own tools and a conceptually strong, as well as provocative design strategy to create versatile spaces and ends up capturing a new approach to spaces for herself. Through the medium of film, her fascination for scenic space and its meaning unfolds. She creates film projects that visualize the art of merging reality and fiction. In real space, she creates fictional scenarios that are constantly updated through performative and interactive impulses from the audience. 

After her studies, Lina deepens her interest in design practice.
She spends a year working at the interdisciplinary studio Alex Valder and the studio Judith Seng in Berlin. This involves creating interiors, exhibitions, stagings and other temporary spaces and concepts. As part of a social design project in Portugal by the collective Construct Lab, she develops a project that performatively explores space through different perspectives
The diverse experiences inspire Lina to experimentally design spaces that challenge our gaze and question the experiencer.