Lina Wittfoht

Like a stone, becoming a sculpture — empty space is becoming the expression of an idea.

Lina Wittfoht:

Space to me is some sort of sculpture. Something that is formed slowly and is revealing its content over time. Human presence in relation to space and time in what fascinates me and what I want to pursue deeper.

I finished my bachelor at the Accaddemia di Architettura in Mendrisio. Architecture is deeply linked with people and represents a subtle way of communication. A space can evoke certain feelings in a person. It influences the body and mind on a more subconscious level than the written word.

After gaining practical experience at AAS Gonzalez Haase and Kéré Architecture in Berlin, I did my exchange semester at the KTH Stockholm. There I was participating in the Studio Making, led by Nina Taghavi and Fredrik Stenberg. With the studio we worked in an abandoned building, which we transformed completely from the inside. In our given time we created a new spatial experience that evolved into a public exhibition and event.

The semester in Stockholm showed me how I want to work. I see spatial design as a never ending process that is transforming constantly. Like this designed space is a form of communication, provoking interaction and confrontation and again evolving from that — ein Zusammenspiel. Architecture acts as the base for this, creating space and the space between.

I am interested in what happens then, how existing space is changed through human presence and how it can be used to communicate ideas.