Lioba Bangert (Guest)

Born 1995.

Raised in an area of Berlin that doesn’t look anything like Berlin.

Founded an out-of-work investigative agency, because nothing ever happened.

Briefly elected as class representative in elementary school and realised that politics won’t be her thing, followed by creative writing workshops and drama club, eventually led to fine arts (foreseeable). Decided to never ever study architecture. As of 2014 studying architecture [at] Universität der Künste Berlin, after all.

Has been working [at] Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin, Studio. TV. Film, Protocol – Magazine für Architektur im Kontext and Lehrstuhl für Architekturgeschichte und -theorie Prof. Michael Bollé. Since 2016 steadily [at] staab Architekten.

Works and texts published within international print and online-publications, including MacMag and eigenart.

Development of an utterly obscure taste in music.

Spent two terms wearing sneakers in snow [at] Glasgow. Lived and loved (and studied also) at Glasgow School of Art – Mackintosh School of Architecture and lost her heart to the city and herself within the scottish culture. Drizzle is not so bad after all.

Back to Berlin with a large sack full of fantastic stories, which she eagerly retells.

And now: inhaling theater air [at] Studiengang Bühnenbild – Szenischer Raum TU Berlin.

Interests include political aspects of architecture and its social purposes, dynamic relations between architecture and other fields of art, the circumstances of being human and things one cannot explain as they would lose their appeal. Gets inspired by courage, candour and drive.

Does not like writing vitae so much, because after all, life is somewhat difficult to comprehend.

If someone wanted to invite her to a glass of wine: