Mireia Guzmán

Mireia Guzmán Sanjaume (she/her) is a filmmaker, cinematographer and illustrator. 

After studying art at the University of Barcelona, she developed her cinematic skills at the self-organized film school filmArche e.V. in Berlin, where she graduated in camera and documentary directing. 

In her cinematic works, spaces as places permeated by power relations are a continuous theme: in her feature-length film “Halbes Hähnchen vom Himmel” (2018) she portrayed an old woman who fought against her eviction by all means. She dealt with the principle and challenges around “functional housing” in the documentary short film “Teile” (2017). 

With the foundation of the queer-feminist film collective TINT, whose members are in constant creative and interdisciplinary exchange, she solidified her professionalization in the film field. At TINT she not only worked as a cinematographer, director and illustrator in all kinds of projects, but also got the opportunity to develop the stage design of some film productions. 

For Mireia, physical space is always an emotional place, because it determines the possibilities of action of the subjects, allowing specific types of relationships, while preventing others. The subject takes possession of the space, inhabits it, shares it, crosses it, leaves it and always recreates it, or even changes it with each action. 

With her Master’s degree in Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum, she is now pursuing further exploration of this artistic field.