Omar Sherif

Omar Sherif comes from Cairo. He had taken his Bachelor’s Degree from The German University in Cairo in Architecture and Urban Design. He is a photographer, wall artist and had different experiences in game design, interior design, management and execution, voluntary work, and directing. He has always had this impulse to explore more in Art and Design. The decision to study architecture came as a result of the interest in how spaces work and how humans perceive installations or walls.

He developed his art skills till he became Art director and level designer in a game studio and freelancer photographer for the past years. In addition to that he explored film and media production as a second assistant director and with that solid background in architecture, arts, and directing, he decided to pursue the theater design and set design field as it was what most attracted his eyes in the set.

I believe that this picture-perfect paradox in which theater and the formation of the scenes can help me widen my artistic horizon and skill of creation. The course explores different media such as film, performing arts, etc. and I believe it will play a big role in my career path in the theatrical field.