Pitt Kunath

Pitt (he/him) equally navigates various fields such as scenography, graphic design, and event design—unbounded, without a specific focus.

He initiated and founded several art and event formats. Additionally, he worked as a designer on numerous projects in the cultural sector, including collaborations with Bielefelder Kunstverein, Shotview, Rapid Eye Movies, Lenske Records, Film Records, Universal Music, and Sleek Magazine.

Pitt served as a scenographer and stage designer for Exhale (Amelie Lens), The Masquerade (Claptone), and Pan-Pot with productions spanning Australia, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, the USA, the UK, and the EU.

He last worked as a stage design assistant for Alona Rodeh at HAU1 (Berlin) on Ariel Efraim Ashbel’s ‘Fiddler: a Musical!'”

Currently, he is involved in productions at Berliner Ensemble and Tischlerei (Deutsche Oper) Berlin.