Prapatsorn Sukkaset

Prapatsorn Sukkaset completed her Bachelor Degree in Architecture in King Monkut’s University of Technology Thonburi in 2015. Through her perspective of an architecture graduate; she had worked for local multi-media firms and artist groups in Thailand, for concert stages and theatrical set designs. Her part deals with both architectural design and lighting sets where she had opportunities in collaborating with local designers and artists from different specialisations, prior to starting her Master degree program in 2018. She completed her degree in Master of Arts in Architecture from Städelschule Architecture Class – Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Frankfurt in 2020 with a specialisation in Advanced Architectural Design.

She believes that architecture is a medium in communicating a certain message that could be applied in various forms. This drives her into researching into the possibilities in applying the knowledge of architecture into other design platforms such as stage design and scenography.

Her ongoing research is on the topic of “Domestic Scenes: Figures drawing Shadows and the Effects in the Scenography of the Interior”, focusing on a concept of suppression in an object’s 3-dimensional form by shadow projection for a search of the subject’s symbolism through historical studies of architectural drawings and oblique projections.