Rahma Kilouche

Rahma Kilouche born and raised in Sousse, Tunisia. From childhood on she grew up at home in a creative environment – full of shapes and colors. She studied interior design at the University of Science and Technology of Design Denden, Tunis.

During her studies, she won first prize in the first edition of the annual student competition for architecture and design, organized by the university, local and international companies; the theme was “Functionality and Affordability” under the name “I’m building” design of the living space. She was thus invited to Germany and Italy for professional visits by the companies. This was a great personal enrichment and had a very positive effect on the development of her vision as an interior designer.

Fascinated by the medium of space as a means of communication, she immediately translated her thoughts into various personal projects to investigate the effects of spatial design. For her it is very important to achieve a connection between feelings, narrative and space with each other.

After graduating, she worked for two years as an interior designer in the planning area, construction management and interior design of various building projects in an architectural office in Tunis. Her employment in an architectural office gave her the opportunity to gain an overview, especially in the field of exhibition projects.

To broaden her knowledge she decided to move to Berlin. To immerse herself in the world of exhibitions and the stage, she did an internship at a creative agency for communication and strategy, Neonext-Berlin. In order to further expand her experience and because of her interest in artistic concepts and interior design, she decided to study Stage Design_Scenic Space at the Technical University of Berlin.