Stella Brauer

Stella Brauer was born in Vienna in 1997 and grew up speaking German, English and French. She went to Maastricht University to study Art & Cultural Studies and specialized in cultural policy and art education in public and virtual space.

She gained experience in curating and scholarly research at the Jewish Museum in Vienna during her studies. Through her engagement with Jewish cultural history, her senior thesis explored diasporic identity and collective memory within cultural spaces. After graduation, she also worked in galleries, marketing agencies, and a cultural center for transdisciplinary art. Most recently, in Paris, as a project coordinator at the Austrian Embassy’s Cultural Forum, she has participated in a number of projects in the fields of literature, music, and visual arts.

In her artistic practice she is mainly concerned with sculpture, drawing, painting but also photography. Her affinity for sculpture and love of handicrafts has led her to train in ceramics and to participate in exhibitions in Vienna and Paris.

She has also gained initial experience in spatial design through theater and exhibition projects in the last two years. The possibility to develop concepts physically is the main reason for her to deepen the spatial and installation work. She seeks artistic exchange in collaborative and transdisciplinary contexts to experimentally explore spatial design as a means of communication.