Tabea Jorcke

Tabea Jorcke uses she/her pronouns, was born in Berlin. Made a bachelor’s degree in theater studies and art history of Europe and America at Freie Universität Berlin. Carries a fascination with rooms and their atmospheres. Creates installations, performative installations, installational performances. Has a queer and intersectional feminist focus. 

She has a playful mind with materials, teaches herself new methods and crafts, wants to find chaotic uses of material. Clay, linocut, modelling, cardboard, papier-mâché, plush. Wants to work as sustainable as possible and efficient in using resources. Can there exist sustainable uses of masses of materials? How can material be experienced apart from the visual sense?

She has been working at theaters and museums before, during, and after her studies, right now in the front house of Sophiensaele. Did internships and assistant jobs at Grips Theater, Deutsches Theater Berlin, and at Uni.T (UdK Berlin) in the fields of stage design, dramaturgy, direction. Did some projects of her own, designed and build the set for an independent feature film and an independent one-shot movie.

She senses barely perceptible atmospheres, lets herself fall into distinct breathtaking atmospheres. Works with light and shadow, works with glass and reflection. Experiments with possible extreme effects of minimal use of materials. Can one single room have different meanings, create various atmospheres, and modify the actors play just by rotating it?

She researches, likes to educate herself in contemporary and historical theater, in fine arts, in sociopolitical issues. Investigates how spaces could perform themselves. Wants to tell stories by sensory impressions. Wants to tell stories by spaces. 

She is looking forward to be contacted: