Tina Hübner

Tina Hübner was born in 1989 in Zittau. Prior to her studies at the TU Berlin, she worked for four years as an architect in the area of planning, construction management and project management of public construction projects in Berlin. During her architectural studies at the HTW Dresden, she was particularly interested in designing small spaces. For this reason, she completed a five-month internship focussing on interior design and exhibition design. Also she dedicated herself to her own artistic work, worked as an artist’s assistant and gained experience on film sets. In addition to planning large buildings and construction projects, she discovered a passion for artistic projects, due to the free and explorative nature of their essence. In her master’s thesis at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, she dealt with the symbiosis of art and architecture and was awarded Master of Science in Architecture with honours. In stage studies, Tina wants to build on her experience and expand her interest in artistic concepts and interior design.