Veronika Froch

Veronika Froch studied communication design at HAW Hamburg. The focus of her design is photography as well as audiovisual works that place a focus on dramaturgically thought-out spatial experiences.
In search of design in space, she curated and organized exhibitions for two years on a voluntary basis as part of a team at Gängeviertel e.V., a historic cultural center in Hamburg’s Neustadt district. She is particularly enthusiastic about experiences in interdisciplinary collaboration, as this allows quality and networks to emerge through collective exchange.
Finally, she is concerned with the social responsibility that designers also have in their expression: How free or unfree should one visualize one’s own position? How does one show solidarity and what are the limits? Here, the focus of her work is primarily on the self-determination of women and feminist movements.
The starting point of her conceptual work is intensive research, consisting of conversations and interviews, as well as trust in the creative process. In order to directly involve the actors, the interface with the scenic space is an important component of her creative processes. The performativity of the realizations, stagings or performances is a field of tension that allows each project to be experienced anew.