Viana Wagokh

As an architecture graduate, Viana believes in the capacity to transcend the traditional definitions of the field. Looking at it from as many different angles as possible opened up an opportunity to be creative and offered her authorship in the design process.

She values the process over preconceived functionality, seeking to break free from conventional purposefulness and furthering the notion of creation for its own sake, where the act of design is not bound by predetermined objectives but is a journey in itself.

Throughout her studies, Viana has deepened her appreciation for storytelling and the role of visual speculations in project development. Within the confines of these projects, she discovered that it’s important to create narratives that echo with cultural reflections and poignant social commentary, resonating across various mediums such as theatre, film, sound, space, and digital art.

Guided by these interests, Viana sought an internship at Kéré Architecture firm. It offered her a unique insight into an approach that questioned the status quo, fostering speculative and inventive solutions while incorporating design and social commitment principles.

Her perspective embraces multidisciplinary collaborations, merging theory and practice into a dynamic interplay, continually blurring boundaries, and crafting new narratives within the ever-evolving field of spatial and visual design.