Xie Saijun

Xie Saijun is a Chinese girl who has interesting dreams every night. With curiosity and a handful of imagination, she closely observes her surroundings. If you once noticed an Asian girl on the street with a camera crouched under a tree for hours looking at its shadow, that might 51% be her!

Inspired by dancer/singer Taemin Lee’s charismatic first solo concert, she decided to study for a master’s degree in stage design in 2022 after completing her bachelor’s degree in architecture at TH Köln.

She hopes stage design can link her and the world, enabling her to transform her invisible but rich inner world and thoughts into something accessible to any perceived presence. And during the stage design process, she could like to link up with various people worldwide.

After the summer break of 2022, she did her internship at Bühnen Köln, which strengthened her idea to develop in this direction. Every day with unimaginable design ideas, moving performances, and lovely people makes this autumn a fantastic dream! She appreciates this beautiful time and all the unique encounters she had.