Zoe Stach

I’m Zoë Stach (they/she), but call me Zu. I am an artist who uses abstraction, the absurd, and playfulness to solve design problems. In my work I use humor and irony to curate emotional states and invite a sensational reaction from the users/viewers. I started out my design career creating objects, but found myself longing to design the spaces they live in instead. 

I graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor of Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. During my studies, I worked as a Student Researcher at the Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator (BFDA) in the Sustainable Materials Library. I was hired as an industrial designer by two start-ups, BU Period and Shared Studios at NEW LAB (Navy Yard, Brooklyn). My work there included materials research and creating standardized procedures and products for the supply chain. While living in NYC, I was also professionally trained as a cabinet maker, working with architects to build custom furniture for homes, storefronts, and exhibitions. 

After graduating, I worked with well-known American designer, Cas Holman to create a new line of children’s toys and video content (animations) for her company Heroes Will Rise. While working there, I also designed a proposal for an exhibition about Geemo, at the Children’s Labyrinth Museum in Berlin. 

When working on personal projects, leather and jewelry are my main focus. You can find me in my studio making wearables and soft goods using rhino, laser cutting, and 3d printing mixed with traditional fabrication methods. 

In Berlin, I hope to find my path in the performing arts world. I am currently working as an extra on film sets, as well as in the nightlife scene in my spare time. Through this program, I hope to learn the skills that will allow me to design these sets, stages, and venues. I want to not only design the stages in which theater pieces take place, but curate a lasting impression that lasts long after the show is over. 

If you are interested in contacting me regarding a project or my portfolio, please email me at