Basic Bill

Cooperation: Sophiensaele
Tutor: Prof. Kerstin Laube
Scenography, Production

The Sophiensaele Berlin commissioned French artist Stefan Shankland to create a site-specific installation in collaboration with our degree students. During a three week workshop a twelve metre tall sculpture was assembled in the theatre courtyard. Obsolete materials such as old stage flats, props, discarded furniture, posters and junk – the materialised traces of the venue‘s complex history – re-emerged as a characterisation of the Sophiensaele and so stand as a recent expression of the theatre‘s ever-changing identity.

Premiere: 5th of June 2008,  Sophiensaele Berlin-Mitte
Duration: until July 2009
Students: Eva Veronica Born, Sebastian Domula, Anke Gänz, Paul Lambeck, Lara Nobel, Lukas De Pellegrin, Florian Schwinger
Assistenz: Werner Kernebeck

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