Cooperation: beBerlin
Lecturer: Charlotte Tamschick, Marcus Fischer, Van Bo Le-Mentzel, Tobias Kunz
Coordination: Franziska Ritter
Scenography, Production

beBerlin “Stadtladen” 2009
Be a city, be a store, be Berlin – the BeBerlin image campaign grew from stories about Berliners. Summer 2009 saw a new advertising format emerge in the shape of the beBerlin Stadtladen, a temporary store designed to humorously caricature the consumer culture of Berlin’s hip Mitte district. Instead of expensive goods in luxury packaging, the shop displayed the people of Berlin. The project’s elementary design feature, the heavily symbolic paper bag, was deployed in its hundreds to set the scene for an entertaining, artistic event. The success of this concept was affirmed by a nomination for the Deutschen Designpreis 2010 and a gold ADAM award for best branding of year 2009.

Tutor: Charlotte Tamschick
Students: Franziska Fuchs, Janna Schaar, Cäcilia Gernand, Anke Gänz, Susanne Ruppert, Katharina Karaoglani
Coordination: Franziska Ritter

„Schaufenster der Industrie“ – BTM infostore at mainstation of Berlin
The beBerlin city campaign launched an initiative called “Ich bin ein Berliner” to promote Berlin as an emerging economic metropolis. Inspired by the initiative, the TU course Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum entered into their second collaboration with the beBerlin team. Students participated in a creative workshop where they devised eight individual room concepts for the Berlin Tourist Info exhibition at Berlin Hauptbahnhof. Lena Heeschen’s inspiring and playful realisation proposal best captured the beBerlin dynamic.

Tutor: Marcus Fischer
Student: Lena Heeschen
Production: drei d medienservice GmbH (Jens Rüberg)
Coordination: Franziska Ritter

Mobile exhibition – “7 Koffer in Berlin”
What would berlin be as a souvenir? This question has been dealt with by the „Design Souvenir Award“ of be Berlin under the patronage of Michael Michalsky. The best 20 ideas of the competition were presented at the award-exibition „7 Koffer in Berlin“ and was guided by the lecture Van Bo Le-Mentzel: A day in the life of an berlin tourist – seven oversized wooden suitcases telling the story of visitors to berlin. Inside the suitcases the 20 designs from the nominees are exhibited. Like a treasure chest every case reveals a different berlin lifestyle. It reminds us that we all still have „a suitcase in berlin“ (Marlene Dietrich). Five students of the TU Berlin Bühenbild_Szenischer Raum designed a concept for the exhibition.

The exhibition design is the result of a creative workshop. The Students Chistina Lelli and Shahrzad Rahmani have implemented the concept of “7 suitcase in Berlin”. A total of five students at the TU Berlin Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum have developed several concepts for the exhibition.

The exhibition was presented at the Stilwerk Berlin from October 20 to 26 October and toured through other countries.

Tutor: Van Bo Le-Mentzel
Students: Shahrzad Rahmani und Cristina Lelli
Coordination: Franziska Ritter, Franziska Ebeler
Realization: drei d medienservice GmbH (Jens Rüberg)
Opening: October 9th 2013
Fotos: Cristina Lelli, Franziska Ebeler

Touring exhibition – “Industrie findet Stadt”
Within the framework of the project ‘Industrie findet Stadt’ (which can be briefly translated as a pun of ‘industry takes place in the city’) university students and trainees have been examining and exhibiting modern Berlin industry with a creative point of view – in the end, photographies, movies, applications and zines were developed. Master students of the postgraduate course Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum at Technical University Berlin designed an exhibition concept which offers exceptional insights of the broad manufacturing in the industry with a ‘made in Berlin’ spirit.

Tutors: Tobias Kunz, Franziska Ritter, Jens Rüberg
Students Tina Keller, Cristina Todovora, Franziska Waldemer
Realization: drei d medienservice GmbH
Photo credits: Franziska Waldemer, Tobias Kunz
Opening: november 10th 2015

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