Dein Lebenslauf

Cooperation: DASA Dortmund
Tutor: Johann Jörg
Scenography, Production

The new conceptual format of the DASA “Arbeitswelt” exhibition in Dortmund reflects upon the ups and downs of life. The exhibition „Dein Lebens-Lauf“ (“Your Résumé”) playfully explores significant issues such as life, luck, security and duty. Visitors are confronted with a range of spacial configurations that will affect them profoundly. This exhibition has an artistic approach, showing quite individual accesses to the world of work – failure and adjustments included.

The realisation of this exhibition project by Jana Barthel and Elena Koch is the result of a three-month TU-intern competition held during the summer term of 2011 and supervised by our tutor and mentor Johann Jörg (stage and production designer).

Opening:  18th March 2012, DASA Dortmund

A cinematic contribution:

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