Dialog Extrem 2016

Cooperation: TU Berlin Urban Planning and Development
Tutor: Johannes Dumpe, Prof. Kerstin Laube
scenography, production

Dialog Extrem is an unconventional kind of discussion. 40 experts sit at 40 tables and want to chat – with you! This year about refugees and our coexistence with them in the urban space.
Solely in 2015, 70 000 refugees arrived in Berlin. Initial reception camps and emergency shelters are overcrowded. Collective accommodations have been set up at former Tempelhof Airport’s open field. But what’s next? All in all affordable space for living is missing in the whole city. Now quick action is necessary and Berlin must help. The question is what to do?
The visitors can decide in what way they want to participate in the dialogue: either by joining one of the 40 expert’s tables for a confidental chat in person or by listening to the braodcasted talks through eight different audio-channels.

Our students Mona Hartmann, Michaela Kirsche, Devin Martini, Susanne Quehenberger, Lana Ramsay and Susanne Wilk participated in the development of a space for the dialogue on urban living. Following the transit space of airports, they accordingly designed the arrival and waiting area including a check-in, food court and video-clips of the experts.

Date: 26th april 2016, 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Place: Strasse des 17. Juni 135, Berlin. Lichthof (atrium) of Technical University Berlin, main building.

Further information at the Dialog Extrem-website and in the last year’s audio-archive.
Supervised by Johannes Dumpe (openberlin) under the mentorship of Prof. Kerstin Laube, in cooperation with the faculty of Urban Planning and Development, Prof. Jörg Stollmann and students of architecture, urban plannning and sociology.

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