Die Fledermaus

Cooperation: HfM Hanns Eisler
Tutors: Claus Unzen, Sven Holm
Stage and Costume, realization

“Die Fledermaus” is a semester cooperation project with the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler under the direction of Prof. Claus Unzen and Prof. Sven Holm. Excerpts from the operetta by Johann Strauss were realised on the “Studiobühne der HfM” and in the theatre “Altes Kino Delphi” in Berlin Weissensee.

When the “Fledermaus” premiered in Vienna in 1874, people had little to laugh about: the stock market crash of 1873 led Viennese society to an unprecedented permanent crisis. Contemporary voices spoke of a “chronic illness”, of the “discouraging force of depression” and of a “state that bears all the characteristics of chronic, creeping fever: gradual debilitation, slow bleeding”. The perfect time for amusement and repression, for an operetta that evokes the decadence and demise of society. The work depicts a world that lives, that drinks, that dances … inwardly moral crash, abyss … outwardly the lie, the illusion, the deception, the lying and the lying to oneself in order to make life bearable.

In teamwork with students of the Masters course in Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum, the directing students have intensively dealt with this igniting material and stage excerpts and scenes from the three acts of Johann Strauss’s “Fledermaus”.

© Leopold Stoffels (Photos)

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