Entführung aus dem Serail

Cooperation: Landesbühnen Sachsen
Tutor: Stefan Wiel
Stage, Production

In cooperation with the Saxony Theater and under the direction of Stefan Wiel, students developed sets and costumes for Mozart’s “Singspiel”.
For the two clashing worlds, East and West, Antonio Blanco designed an arcane dark room. There Bassa Selim “collects” women. The elegant costumes by Kim Scharnitzky, shine against the darkness, duplicate the figure of the Constance and the figure of the Blonde.

Musical direction: Jan Michael Horstmann
Director: Manuel Schöbel
Stage design: Antonio Blanco
Costumes: Kim Scharnitzky
Tutor/mentor: Stefan Wiel

Premiere: 23th May 2015

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