Cooperation: Stattbad Wedding
Lecturer: Johann Jörg
Scenography, Production

The Stattbad Wedding with its contradictory magic is an ideal place to send visitors on an exciting visual journey. A sculptural installation was developed with the photographic marathon through Berlin as its focus. Surrounded by expansive light and material scenarios, playing with transparency and concealment to share exciting perspectives and to create emotional encounters. A scenography full of mysticism and discoveries.

Johann Jörg supervised a team of students who created the award ceremony and exhibition space for the Berlin Photo Marathon 2013. Over 300 photo series went on display in the mystically transformed old swimming bath Stattbad Wedding.

Students: Susana Bernal, Elektra Burazi, Cristina Lelli, David Roth, Marie Schreiber, Annabelle Schuster
Photos: Franziska Ritter, David Roth, Annabelle Schuster

Link to the exhibition setting Video

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