Lenz. Festung. Ich

Cooperation: Theatre Chemnitz
Tutor: Prof. Frank Hänig
Stage and Costumes, Production

In a three-month design competition under the guidance of lecturer Prof. Frank Hänig and director Kathrin Brune 7 concepts were designed for stage and costumes for the play “Lenz. Festung. Ich” (a collage by Georg Büchner). The stage concept of Elena Bulochnikova and costume designs by Katarina Holková are now being realized.

Premiere: 8th October 2015 / Theatre Chemnitz Ostflügel

For further Informations

Director: Kathrin Brune
Stage: Elena Bulochnikov (student TU Berlin)
Costume: Katarína Holková (student TU Berlin)
Dramaturgy: René Schmidt
Lecturer / mentor: Prof. Frank Hänig (TU Berlin)

Further performances:
10.12.2015 / Monday / 8pm
10.18.2015 / Sunday / 8pm
08.11.2015 / Sunday / 8pm
11.27.2015 / Friday / 8pm
05.12.2015 / Saturday / 8pm
12.17.2015 / Thursday / 8pm

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